In the competitive service industry, enforcing security policies is critical to growth. The security of customer information, personal information as well as care history is extremely important. To receive more support from our customers, we have the following privacy policies:

  1. Privacy of personal information

To facilitate customer care as well as track your nail care history to advise the best services and solutions. Signature Nails & Spa will ask for your personal information and save a history of your visits and use of our services on the customer care software.  To prevent your personal information from being exploited, we are committed to keeping your information absolutely confidential. Any information you provide is only used for our customer care purposes. This is also our biggest commitment besides the terms that we have committed above.

  1. We will do with your information

Save your information and service history will help us advise and provide suitable products for you. Along with that is to help improve our service even more in the future. We are so grateful to you for this! From the data we have about you, our team will come up with products and service packages to solve the problem and you will make the decision to choose the best service. This policy not only benefits you but also contributes significantly to our development. We are extremely grateful to you for that.

  1. Information we will use

You don’t need to worry that we will use a lot of your information. In order to comply with this privacy policy, we only use your relevant information about the nail industry. Store visit history, what service packages you use, nail condition. How do you need to take care of your nails, which products should you prioritize? From there we will get the best nail care solution for you. All of the information that we use is just that. Hopefully, you’ve felt more secure and more willing to share.

  1. Services for children

We always respect our customers and respect any child. That’s why we always follow the government’s child protection and rights policies.  At Signature Nails & Spa we have services for children 12 years and older. You should contact us first to discuss carefully before bringing your baby! And of course, the baby’s personal information, as well as the nail care history, will be kept confidential by us to implement different customer care policies. Another piece of information that we would like to note to you is that for children’s products we will prioritize products from natural and chemical-free. So you should contact us in advance to consult the service packages for children and the cost!

  1. Information security

We strictly adhere to the same government consumer protection standards as those for child protection. We always try our best to secure user information, do not share, do not sell data.  We will only exploit the information that you use our services to serve our development. That means you don’t have to worry unduly about the possibility that your important and confidential information will be exposed. Because we don’t own it.

  1. Enforcement

To enforce our commitments, we make sure that your personal information will not be stored on the website. So when hackers attack the website they will not get any information. We use our own software to manage and take care of our own customers and advise them on the best product packages.

  1. Privacy Policy Changes

Our privacy policy may change at any time. For important policies, we will notify you in advance. With policies that are not too important, please actively follow our website! If you have difficulty accessing our privacy policy do not hesitate to contact us via hotline: 713-485-5526, or direct store address: 2025 Yale St, Houston, TX, 977008, United States.